Respectful/Solemn Tribute to H.M. Empress/Queen Maria Theresa

of Austria-Hungary, Bohemia as well as other Crownlands and

Vienna in Three Segments: Imperial Crypt, Imperial Treasury Museum and this Splendid Historic Imperial Metropolis. 

Zita, the last Austrian Empress rests here. Her husband Karl is still interred on the Island of Madeira.

The first Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, Charlemagne, is purported to have founded this church about 800 a.D. The newer St. Peter's Baroque church was built in its place from 1701 through 1733, according to plans by Lukas von Hildebrandt.

Statue of the truly gallant, good and noble Knight Prince Eugene, who was also charitable and morally virtuous. In 1718, he ultimately defeated the Ottoman Invasion, thereby saving all of Christian Europe from Muslim domination.  


​The smaller sarcophagus is that of Countess Marie Karoline von Fuchs-Mollar, the only non-Habsburg here, who educated and counseled Her Majesty throughout her life. This is one more prominent example of how dedicated Maria Theresa was to all of those who served her with loyalty and devotion.   

The Ringstrasse of Vienna, leading to the Natural and Art Historical Museums. 

And that is precisely the recapitulation of the memories we have formed in our minds of that glorious,

Imperial, cosmopolitan wonderland known as Vienna.

Newer constructions in Vienna, like the United Nations complex pictured above, we did not choose to 

visit, because this just did not suit our frame of mind at the time.  

​The Order of the Golden Fleece, founded by the Dukes of Burgundy in 1430, was the trademark basic uniform equipment decoration of the House of Austria for all loyal Roman Catholic male Habsburg associated Princes and Dukes, to be worn during official representations. 

Belvedere Palace, the former residence of Prince Eugene, Central Vienna.

This was also the location, where the principal victorious four allies of WW II

negotiated the fate of Austria after the conclusion of that conflict. 

Charles V​, Holy Roman Emperor, 

*24 Feb. 1500 +21 Sept. 1558,

Solidifier of the Habsburg Dynasty.

Principal Photographer:

H.S.H. Grand Dame Heide A.M. Princess Gulgowski-Doliwa, GDST,

​Duchess of Schlesien-Glogau (Niederschlesien)

The central exhibit above is a relic of the late Princess St. Hedwig, Duchess of Silesia and 

historical ancestor of the Gulgowski-Doliwa/Strzemien Dynasty.

Statue of Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky von Radatz 

in front of the (Imperial) Austrian (War) Defense Ministry. FM Radetzky is immortalized in the Radetzky March composed by Johann Strauss Sr.