Retired​ United States Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Coast Guard Personnel

continue to serve the American Nation, the States and local Institutions with their

outstanding special skills, imminent practical life experiences and 

intellectual insights.  

A Few Selected Weekend Editorial Publications in

The New Yorker Staats-Zeitung,

for the Benefit of an Extensive German Residency in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Tri-State Area 

Germany's way to say "Thank You."

German General Staff Colonel Feldotto

is also a recipient and proud wearer of the highly prestigious U.S. Meritorious Medal.

​Please note the very last decoration on his service uniform. He probably earned this award during his deployment in Afghanistan. The photograph below depicts him during a military topic interview on German national television.

The scope, impact and relevance of the U.S. Meritorious Service Medal Citation shown above are being made conspicuous by the documents provided at the end of this webpage.     

Among State Senators and Representatives, Teachers' Union President Prof. Dr. Paul W. Gulgowski 

shows to Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle where he has to sign the following year's improved teachers' salary contract. (Also please note Exec. Dir. Mike Moore's certificate below.)  

​Addendum to U.S. Meritorious Service Medal, Second Oak Leaf Cluster

dated 3 June 1985.

Commodore Paul appears exceedingly satisfied with the exemplary achievements of his subordinates

​and those attributed to himself. The decoration documented above was the last he received for his 

​25 years of Coast Guard Service dedicated to the United States of America.


Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), 

awarded a total of five times to the Chief

of the Ducal/Princely House of Gulgowski-Doliwa, during his military career, is a military award presented to members of the US Armed Forces, who distinguish themselves by truly outstanding meritorious achievement or service. Normally, the acts or services rendered must be comparable to that required for the award of the Legion of Merit in a duty of considerable responsibility.

Military personnel so recognized may consequently expect to be decorated with the Legion of Merit upon their retirement from active military service.  

Concluding Words Regarding The US Meritorious Service Medal

It is distinguished enough an award that it is on rare and deserving occasions also presented to very important individuals, such as the highest-ranking Chilean Air Force Officer, namely its Air Force Commander-in-Chief with the rank of Air General. Please note the image of General Jorge Robles Mella below, as he is part of the official reviewing party on Chile's Armed Forces Day of Honor.  

The Duke's Heroic Contribution to Safeguarding Worldwide Shipping and Commerce

​The following display of the U.S. Army Commendation Medal with "V" device for "Valor" substantiates the unparalleled contribution of the Chief of the Ducal/Princely House Gulgowski-Doliwa to protecting the unimpeded use of the Panama Canal during the 1970ies. 

In this regard it is more than appropriate to recall to our minds' appreciation of world history what had happened from October 1956 to April 1957 to the Suez Canal. Colonel/President Gamal Abdel Nasser's blockage of this most important artery of worldwide ocean transport and trade directly resulted in the designing and manifacturing of larger-tonnage oil tankers (250-300.000 BRT), that were capable of navigating around the treacherous Horn of Africa, in order to satisfy the world's unmitigated need for crude oil and refined fuel, costing the advanced trading nations trillions.  

Protecting the North of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

​The Duke's strategic contribution to safeguarding the north of Germany, which prominently also includes the defense of the northern sector of NATO, compares equally favorable with the tactical skills he demonstrated in Central America.

Worldwide, Long-Term Residences of The

Chief, Ducal/Princely House Gulgowski-Doliwa

This paragraph has been added in further support of the conviction that living in 74 various/different national and international locations immensely adds to the intellectual and cultural enrichment of an individual and is retained over an entire lifespan of a person so blessed.


GERMANY: Oberhausen (Rheinland), Villach (Austria), Hennweiler (Rheinland, Hunsrueck), Langelohnsheim (Rheinland), Pferdsfeld (Rheinland, Hunsrueck),

Sterkrade-Holten (Rheinland), Friedrichsfeld (near Wesel), Goch (Rheinland), Stade (Lower Saxony), Lechfeld (Bavaria), Schwabstadel (Bavaria), Kaufbeuren (Bavaria), Erding (Bavaria), Freising (Bavaria), Koeln-Wahn (Rheinland), Eggebeck (Schleswig-Holstein), Schleswig (Schleswig-Holstein), Tarp (Schleswig-Holstein), Aschaffenburg (Bavaria), Bremerhaven (Bremen), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bavaria), Garlstedt (Lower Saxony), Osterholz Scharmbeck (Lower Saxony), Heidelberg (Baden Wuerttemberg), Ratingen (Rheinland), Dreierwalde (Westphalia), Grafenwoehr (Bayern), Hohenfels (Bayern), Wuerzburg (Bayern), Koblenz (Rheinland), Bonn (Rheinland), Hannover (Lower Saxony), Bergen-Hohne (Lower Saxony), Celle (Lower Saxony), Berlin, Munich (Bavaria), Mannheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg), Monsingen (Rhineland-Palatinate), Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate), Kiern (Rhineland-Palatinate), Putlos (Schleswig-Holstein), Voerde (Rheinland), Augsburg (Bavaria), Klingholz (Bavaria), Bad Mergentheim (Baden Wuerttemberg), Tauberbischofsheim (Baden Wuerttemberg),  Wertheim (Baden Wuerttemberg), Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Bayern), Landsberg (Bavaria), Bad Woerishofen (Bayern),

Wiesbaden (Hessen) 

USA: Queens (New York), Irvington (New Jersey), Fort Dix (New Jersey), Fort Gordon (Georgia), Fort Bliss (Texas), Fort Sam Houston (Texas), Fort Benning (Georgia), Fort Hood (Texas), West Point (New York), Hauppauge (Long Island, New York), Modena (New York), Richfield (Wisconsin), New London (Connecticut), Delafield (Wisconsin), Racine (Wisconsin), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Oshkosh (Wisconsin) 

PANAMA/PANAMA CANAL ZONE: Panama City, Fort Clayton, Fort Gulick

COSTA RICA: San Jose  NETHERLANDS: ​Urk, Appeldorn

Four-time Wisconsin Governor T. Thompson

thanks USCG Div. Capt. Paul W. Gulgowski, Ph.D.

​for his and his Division's multiple maritime life and ship-saving activities on Lake Michigan.

​Please note the second-last sentence of the award's citation.

Speaking about education, general awareness and personal development, travel expands our life experiences more than any other mode of self-improvement. The following is our alphabetical list of 


The in parentheses stated numbers indicate frequency of visit. The letter "R" denotes extensive residency.

A  1 Austria (7); B 2 Belgium (3); Bulgaria; C Canada (6), 4 Cayman Islands, 5 Columbia, 6 Costa Rica (6), 7 Cyprus; D 8 Denmark (3); E 9 England (5), 10 Estonia; F 11 Finland, 12 France (17); G 13 Germany (R), 14 Germany (East) (2), 15 Greece (2), 16 Guatemala (4); H 17 Honduras (4), 18 Hungary (2); I 19 Ireland, 20 Island, 21 Israel, 22 Italy (8); 23 K Kroatien (Croatia) (2); L 24 Liechtenstein, 25 Lithuania, 26 Luxembourg (3); M 27 Malta (2), 28 Mexico (R), 29 Monaco (2), 30 Montenegro,  31 Morocco; N 32 Netherlands (9), 33 New Zealand, 34 Nicaragua (4), 35 Norway; P 36 Panama (R), 37 Poland (2), 38 Portugal (5); R 39 Romania, 40 Russia (2); S 41 San Marino, 42 San Salvador (4), 43 Serbia; 44 Slovakia (2), 45 Slovenia; 46 Spain (4), 47 Sweden, 48 Switzerland (8); T 49 Turkey; U 50 Ukraine, 51 USA (R); V 52 Vatican (4).

This will not be the end of our international travels. There will definitely more to follow. However, if one adds up the various visits enumerated above, one arrives at the most respectable number of 264.

There will be only a very small number of individuals, who can boast with a higher traveling  achievement than we can. 

Another and more prominent case in point:

The German Federal President awarded the German Army Inspector General,

​Lieutenant General Carsten Breuer, the Federal German Order of Merit First Class for a myriad of gallant and meritorious service to his home nation and NATO over a period of 40 plus years during tumultuous and challenging times.  

The above photograph depicts German President Steinmeier as he bestows upon German Army

General Arlt the Federal German Order of Merit First Class for that officer's gallant efforts in evacuating German citizens and Afghan nationals who had served in support of them during the Afghan War that has lasted 20 years (2001 - 2021). 

Let the record show that the Chief of the Princely/Ducal House Gulgowski-Doliwa has also been the recipient of the very same Order for his efforts as a U.S. Army Field Grade Officer on behalf of Germany and NATO in the past (see above). 

The astute reader will undoubtedly recognize that the Duke's good deeds occurred during the mid seventies; however, the above award's certificate was dated 29 November 1999, nearly 25 years after the event. This is, because the intricacy of this combat action was classified as deemed appropriate by the relevant authorities. Equally notable is the fact that the Adjutant General of the U.S. Army had safeguarded this information up to the point of its release and the Secretary of the U.S. Army had countersigned it. For all those, who cannot be expected to know the U.S. Armed Forces organizational structure, it should be pointed out that the Secretary of the Army may be compared to a "Minister of the Army" or in the German language "Heeresminister."  

And last but not least, it is our ardent desire to utilize this webpage to honor His Excellency, the late

Professor Dr. Karl Carstens, 

President of the Federal Republic of Germany during the Eighties of the 20th Century, for honoring the Ducal/Princely Couple Prof. Dr. Paul W. Gulgowski-Doliwa and his wife Grand Dame Heide A.M. Gulgowski-Doliwa for their examplary work on behalf of German/American friendship and enduring Transatlantic cooperation.

Crowns are much more than those who are entitled to wear them.

They are a symbol for the entirety of a cultural whole and the idea

​of enlightened statesmanship.

​European Honors

The Coat-of- Arms of Prof. Dr. Paul W. Prince Gulgowski

Chief, Ducal/Princely House Gulgowski-Doliwa

Major, U.S. Army Infantry and General Staff (Hon. Ret.)

Rear Commodore, U.S. Coast Guard Aux. and National Staff (Hon. Ret.)

Military Historian, U.S. Army

Major General, Legion of Frontiersmen, Ind. Overseas Command

Colonel, Honorary Aide-de-Camp to the Governor of Kentucky

The Princely/Ducal couple Gulgowski-Doliwa, here photographed while being officially welcomed

​by junior cadets of the Ukrainian Military Academy in Kiev. 

Note: The top central diploma is the Doctor of Philosophy credential awarded by 

the Hanseatic and Free University of Bremen located on the Weser River in Northern Germany. 

​​Principal Academic Achievements and Prominent Employment

"Let Wisdom Govern the World"

​The author of this webpage, here pictured with his distinguished University of Oklahoma engineering science graduating son, thanks you immensely for your visit. 

"Stress and Adjustment," only very recently published on the basis of the author's psychology university dissertation, offers to the reader techniques to help him / her to modify psychological and cognitive responses to stress, making it easier for individuals to cope. It will definitely assist you to sustain your mental health.   

"The Unbelievable Story of Peter V. The Adventurous / Turbulent Life of a Wanderer between two Worlds in the Shadows of War" is, in more than just one way, based on the author's personal academic, military, maritime and civilian life.  "Peter V." constitutes an absolute reading necessity for any prospective, courageous and daring immigrant to the United States of America from any country of Western Europe. It was published in 2001 and remains widely read and in print to this very day.  

It has found good homes in such libraries as the Helmut Schmidt Bundeswehr University, Hamburg; Deutsche Nationalbibliotheken Leipzig and Frankfurt/Main and the Universitaetsbibliothek Joh. Christian Senckenberg, Frankfurt/Main, the three prominent libraries all located in Germany.  

"Escape from East Prussia" was published in 1986. It was well received and taken to heart by many German refugees from not just East Prussia but also from Pomerania and Silesia. Because of its nowadays extremely diminished readership, "Escape from East Prussia" is no longer in print.

Let the record know that the Princely Ducal House Gulgowski-Doliwa also had its roots in East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia. 

This doctoral dissertation, prepared for the Great Hanseatic University of Bremen, Germany, was published during the course of January 1983. It is by far my most prolific publication as it is archived in most universities and institutions of higher learning around the world. 

As examples in support of the statement above, I offer the following locations: 

The National University of AUSTRALIA

The BOSTON Public Library

 Univ. Lib. of the Free and Hanseatic City BREMEN / CHINESE Def. College Archives 

The National Armed Forces Library of FRANCE

​The National Library of FRANCE

The Archives of the Foreign Office of GERMANY

The Archives of the GERMAN Historical Institute

The Archives of the German Supreme Court, Karlsruhe, GERMANY

The National Library of GERMANY 

​The Imperial War Museum Collections, GREAT BRITAIN

The State and University Library of The Free and Hanseatic City of HAMBURG 

The Helmut Schmitt University (German Federal Armed Forces) HAMBURG

The Library of the University of HEIDELBERG / JAPANESE Imp. Def. Agency Library

The NEW YORK Public Library

PORTUGAL Political Science Records Depository

The SOVIET Military Administration in Germany (Formerly in Berlin, Germany)

U.S. Army Combat Studies Institute Archives

U.S. Library of Congress

U.S. Military Academy Library

U.S. War College Libary

The George Mason University, Fairfax, VIRGINIA

The University of WISCONSIN-Madison Libraries

YALE University Library 


The Chief of the Ducal/Princely House Gulgowski-Doliwa takes the privilege of these means to introduce to his highly esteemed readership his professional literary achievements and academic titles.

​These are in order of their publications the following books:

Professional Literary Publications

by Prof. Dr. Paul W. Prince Gulgowski-Doliwa,

​Member Academic Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi