The lady of the house definitely in control of her domain. 

The Senior Duke of Lower Silesia, with great pride showing off his son's Paul II princely residence in the Houston area of Texas.

Puma of Texas and Lilly of Florida.

We dedicate these photographs to all cats, because they are the undisputed Lords of many manors and households, exercising sovereign control over their human staff that they have trained to satisfactorily accommodate them over long periods of time.

Three generations in harmonious, happy and cordial "conference."

Left: Grand Dame Heide A.M. Princess Gulgowski-Doliwa, Duchess of Lower Silesia,

principal photographer and webmaster.

Right: Prof. Dr. Paul W. Prince Gulgowski-Doliwa, Duke of Lower Silesia,

author and editor of the Ducal/Princely House of Gulgowski-Doliwa webpages and publications. 

After bidding our son Paul II and his family a cordial farewell, the Chiefs of the Ducal/Princely House Gulgowski-Doliwa traveled on to FLORIDA​.

(2022, six years later, because of Covid-19 and other impediments)

Princess Maia Gulgowski-Doliwa.

Only six years old now and already a star; first among equals, destined for many greater successes,

​as she will develop and advance during the years to come.

Matias enjoying the recreational waters of the YMCA pool. One is inclined to think:

A family that does things together will stay together. 

Their Serene Highnesses during a casual family setting in TEXAS, from left to right:

Princess/Duchess Natalia with Prince Matias, Prince/Duke Paul holding Princess Maia Helena,  

Prince/Duke Paul II with favorite feline Puma.  


​Drs. Paul and Gregg with son Max enjoying the beach along the Gulf of Mexico.

Princess Natalia, the Duchess of Brieg, with three-month-old Princess Maia Helena, the rising star of the Princely/Ducal House Gulgowski-Doliwa.

Matias and his dad enjoying the many amenities of his playroom while his grandfather, his mother and his sister Maia are looking on.

Prince Paul II, the Duke of Brieg, definitely the least pretentious of the two modern-day Silesian Dukes.

Prince Matias-Alois

did not hesitate a moment to congratulate his sister, which is most noteworthy, as he is also a champion in his own right, which fully deserves to be noted.

Princesses Audrey Annette's oldest son, Mark, visiting with his niece and nephew Maia and Matias,

in Katy, Texas. Mark is the Godfather to Matias. 

Our primary purpose for having visited the Sunshine State was to decorate 

the Confraternal Knight Dr. Gregg A. Hardman, M.D., with the German Armed Forces

Expert Field Medical Badge that he had earned 44 years ago in Aschaffenburg, Germany, 

as a member of the 3rd Medical Battalion of the 3rd MARNE Infantry Division.

Visiting southwestern Florida also allowed us to store up on sunshine and Paradise-like geography as the photographs below will document.  

The neighborhood that provides homes to great minds in the oil-energy producing community.

Paul II and Matias staying under the multi-colored lights of a roller-skating rink, 

something that Renaissance men just like to do ;-).

Granddaughter Maia snuggling up to her granddad enjoying the very best of quality time together.​

​The Lord of the Manor comforting his longtime feline companion and friend Puma.

Duchess Heide providing affection to and making friends with Puma.

Prince Matias' playing empire.