In Austria and Bohemia, he was known as Charles I. The above picture shows him in the uniform of an Austrian Fieldmarshal, decorated, among other orders, with the German Iron Cross First and Second Class. He died on Madeira on 1 April 1922. His mortal remains are interred in a special crypt in the Church of the Mount on Madeira.    

Two principal planners and organizers of the Bela, Slovakia RCST Investiture.

The photograph above depicts them as Count Rolim assists Chev. Peter Bardossy in properly fastening the latter's mantel collar, offering one more, even if small, item of evidence that in RCST the members treat each other with the utmost of respect and deny no one help, if needed.  The picture below features on the left Chev. Josef Lang, Regional Prior, who must be credited for having obtained permission for the RCST utilization of Chateau Bela.

Kira and Sascha, two highly acclaimed IT professionals, who have been dedicated and engaged to one another for a wonderful stretch of time by now, are happily resolved to get married in

June of 2014. 

​We wish them all the happiness and success in the world for their future life together.

It is always sweet to touch the green, green grass of home.

Heide and Paul enjoying real fun with their friends Monika, Ewald, Kira und Sascha.

Our flight took us from Budapest via Duesseldorf to Chicago. We had arranged for a two-day layover in the Rhine metropolis to visit old and trusted friends in picturesque Ratingen, the hometown of Duchess Heide, which greeted her with a bouquet of flowers. 

​reminding us of our promise to return to Budapest or elsewhere in Hungary in two-year's time.

Sadly and regretfully, this was all the time at our avail that we were able to allocate to our tour of Budapest. We recognize fully that our sightseeing efforts in this regard were woefully inadequate and at best superficial. Even dear Mrs. Benko was not able to squeeze more out of a five-hour tour. Needless to say, we are resolved to return and make up for lost impressions and adventures in a most special capital city.

On 8 October, during the early hours of dawn, a black limousine drove us hastily to the airport. As we looked back through the rear-view window, we thought we saw an apparition of ghost riders in the sky,  

Other imposing edifices and monuments of the Hungarian state are grouped around the above statue dedicated in honor of the Hungarian fighting men. 

As people who have always staunchly admired the bravery and resourcefulness of the Hungarian soldier throughout the ages, it was our hearts desire to visit the monument the Hungarian people have erected to their memory.

King Charles IV was the last Hungarian royal crowned head of state, who occupied the stately palace overlooking the gorgeous Danube River metropolis. Now, this imposing edifice houses the municipal library of Budapest. As avid book lovers ourselves, we regard this to be a most regal choice in public building utilization.

The Danube River is the lifeblood of all of Hungary and its capital city Budapest. Wherever you travel in Budapest, this river and its bridges dominate your impressions and directions. The photographs below depict scenes that repeat themselves in ever varying details.

Our chivalric Investiture activities came to an as abrupt a conclusion as they had started. Still, we have enshrined those wonderful moments in our multiculturally faceted minds and shall never part with them. Alas, there was still the city of Budapest itself that beckoned to be visited and enjoyed. To that end, we were wholeheartedly supported by Mrs. Eva Benko, whose picture, however small, shall be displayed here.   ​

 The first gentleman from the left is none other than H.H. Prince Esterhazy, who descends from a long line of benefactors to prominent musical artists of yesteryear; in particular Joseph Haydn and his orchestra, who made history with their performance of the "Farewell" Symphony, known as 

​Symphony No. 45.

Countess Eva confided to Duchess Heide that she liked her right from the beginning, words that the Duchess cherishes and will treasure for ever.​

Throughout this high societal party, the famous Kecskes Egyuttes ensemble entertained enchantingly with medieval music that was well received by everyone.

As Countess Nyary made her obligatory visits around the dinner tables, she found kind and complimentary words for everyone.  

Heide and Paul, at opposite ends of the dinner table, enjoyed a marvelous time conversing with sophisticated and accomplished individuals who successfully function at the upper strata of their respective societies.​

​Arriving at the Gellert, we were met and greeted by this handsome Knight. 

Duke Paul enjoys this amicable and informative chat with two attractively uniformed Knights.  

​The OLJ Investiture reception and celebration dinner was conducted at the Gellert Hotel, an imposing edifice with great history.

With this image of St. Anna Church, we conclude our report on the spiritual / chivalric part of this OLJ Investiture.

​We deliberately selected this particular photograph or St. Anna, because it supports in appearance the color of the Order of St. Lazarus.

Countess Nyary adjudicates the mutual support and friendship treaty between OLJ and RCST, while the Grand Prior of RCST, Count Rolim, pays attention to her words and deeds. The RCST Grand Prior is supported in this endeavor by his Regional Prior Josef Lang. The stately gentleman to the right and to the rear of Count Rolim is the RCST Prior of Hungary, Chev. Peter Bardossy, who must be thanked profusely for the myriad and high-quality efforts he bestowed on everyone who had come to Slovakia and Hungary to visit or resides in this beautiful region. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, dear friend!     

While the Szent Efrem singers entertained us with their enchanting Gregorian-style songs, the newly invested Dames and Knights of St. Lazarus had time and leisure to look at the awe-inspiring frescoes on St. Anna's ceiling. 

The world famous Szent Efrem Chorus performed for our listening pleasure. They are a unique choir that probably has no other equal in the world. Thank you, gentlemen.​

The official Investiture Party is assembled and prepared to perform its solemn duty. Right from the start of this divine occasion, it became clear to everyone present that nothing would be lacking in spirituality, theology, chivalry and decorum. 

Unknown to us, but definitely a worthy individual is invested and accepted into the Order of St. Lazarus by the hand of H.E. Eva Countess Nyary. We congratulate this new Knight of OLJ on his newly attained honor and privilege.

H.S.H. Princess Heide A.M. the Duchess of Schlesien-Glogau is now, too, a Commander of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, Grand Priory of Hungary.   

The Grand Prior of the Hungarian OLJ, H.E. Eva the Countess Nyary, invests H.S.H. Prince Paul, the Duke of Schlesien-Glogau into the world renowned and esteemed Order of St. Lazarus and extends to him his Commander's brevet commemorating this coveted event.

The Bishop and his co-celebrant prepare the Holy Eucharist. 

​H.E. Bishop Dr. Lajos Varga officiated our solemn Investiture Mass in a sovereign manner.

This nationally acclaimed Soprano delighted us with her rendition of Schubert's "Ave Maria."

Thank you, dear Lady.

Their Serene Highnesses, Prof. Dr. Paul W. Prince Gulgowski-Doliwa and Dame Heide A.M. Princess Gulgowski-Doliwa in watchful anticipation of the things to come. Already now, we allow the record to show that the OLJ Investiture at

St. Anna's exceeded all of our expectations in spirituality and decorum.   

​Returned to Budapest, we immediately set out to prepare for our Investiture into OLJ.

​Budapest Coat-of-Arms

Removed in time and space, precisely on the 23rd of November 2013 in Racine, Wisconsin, USA, Commander Larry D. Baron Perkins, M.Ed., received his Grand Cordon RCST in a special ceremony from the Duke and Duchess of Schlesien-Glogau, Dr. Paul and Dame Heide Gulgowski-Doliwa, by extraordinary permission of Count Rolim, the Grand Master of RCST. As this small presentation was nevertheless conducted in the spirit of RCST and all the related sentiments that are dear and near to us, we do not find it inappropriate to honor Baron Perkins on this particular webpage.

​All RCST Investitures are concluded with a group picture and the promise to meet again. 

Countess Nyary and Count Rolim lay the cornerstone for cooperation and friendship on behalf of OLJ and RCST as witnessed by God and the membership. 

A to us unknown but truly deserving gentleman, representing all others, is being invested into RCST. We congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts on his worthy achievements.

The officiating priest in conversation with Count Rolim and Regional Prior Josef Lang.

Members of the Royal Confraternity of Sao Teotonio (RCST) in procession to the Holy Investiture. 

Our first conference with H.E. Eva the Countess Nyary, Grand Prior of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem in Hungary, was categorized by the generosity and good will of Countess Nyary. She impressed us as a cosmopolitan-minded lady with intelligence, sophistication, wit and charm. She extended her warm friendship to us immediately and we felt happy and content in her company.   

Arriving at Chateau Bela during the early afternoon hours and blessed by glorious sunshine, we were deeply and everlastingly impressed by the grandeur of this beautiful, noble edifice. 

H.E. Ivan Gasparovic, President of Slovakia​

The national flag and coat-of-arms of Slovakia ​

On 4 October, we took part in a bus trip to Bela, Slovakia, where we were slated to participate in an Investiture orchestrated by H.E. Dr. Ulisses the Count Rolim, Grand Prior RCST. 

​However, before we report on this special event, we like to pay our tribute to the Nation of Slovakia, as this custom has become part of our travelogue protocol.

On top of the Synagogue, kindly and respectfully recognize the Tables of the Ten Commandments.

Paul after our arrival at the Aquincum Hotel.

After having unpacked and acclimated ourselves, we reconnoitered the immediate area around our hotel.

The two buildings that inspired us the most during this initial outing was the Jewish Synagogue and the church St. Paul, constructed in the year 1740.

Upon arrival in Budapest, Hungary, on 2 October 2013, we were made comfortable at the Aquincum Hotel, which we enjoyed very much. Their staff was very professional and their food was excellent.

H.E. Janos Ader, President of Hungary

​The national flag

and the national coat-of-arms of Hungary

​From the very beginning, our intercontinental trip

stood under the protection of St. Stephen,

the Patron Saint of Hungary and of horses.

enjoy the honor and pleasure of inviting you to re-experience with us

our Orders' Holy Investitures (St. Lazarus/RCST) and journeys to Hungary and Slovakia.

The Duke and Duchess of Niederschlesien (Glogau), Princess Heide and Prince Paul