Right: Chapel and Confessional of the Noble Chivalric Order of Santiago.

Their Majesties King Felipe VI and

​Queen Latizia of Spain

The Paradise Island Madeira was next on the horizon. However, until then, we enjoyed,

by special invitation, a wonderful dinner at the "Four Seasons Restaurant." 

​Modern Art

​A "bonbon" with mixed tastes toward the end: Munich, Bavaria.

Our route of flight took us from Bremen to Munich, where we stayed for two days,

allowing us to see sites there. Three imminent and historically precious and valuable locations will for ever most prominently rank in our minds.

​Die Alte Pinakothek, a title that requires no further illumination.

Kevin (hailing from Sri Lanka) and Erwin (calling Mainz of Germany his home),

known as the Duo Vis a Vis, entertained in the Lili Marleen Lounge.

Lili Marleen would also have been thrilled to listen to them and their most extensive repertoire of popular hit music from the sixties to the nineties in Europe and America. We were particularly pleased by their rendition of "Unchained Melody" by the

Righteous Brothers. 

The Lili Marleen Lounge was so extensively popular by the ship's passengers that we take this fact as motivation to show the songstress Marlene Dietrich of this World War II song   here below one more time. Of particular and special interest is also the fact that one of her admirers also christened his sailing vessel after these haunting lyrics.

​Municipal Offices of Funchal. Few city halls can compete with the charm of the above edifice.

Arrival: Bremerhaven, Northern Germany, Hotel Atlantik Sail City.

A sterling example for all national leaders to emulate. 

​We do not need to identify this most precious person by name, because there is hardly anyone on this globe today who would not recognize her.

(Very much like the author of this webpage, she, too, is a prominent and deserving

recipient of the Federal German Order of Merit.) 

The final resting place of Bavarian King Ludwig II​

​in The Society of Jesus Church St. Michael

This is also the time, when we must absolutely recognize and compliment our serving staff:

Left to right: Lucky, Jomar, Maria and Yefrin.

My oh my, how Funchal, the Capital of Madeira has grown, while we were not looking.

A copy of J.G. Schadow's statue of Queen Luise and Princess Friederike of Prussia also graces the sophisticated ambience of the Lido lounge.

Lone contemplation, however, was not the only form of relaxation on board of 

MS "Deutschland."

The historical, prominently green-painted Municipal Police Headquarters of Munich, Bavaria.

Backdrop and home to such piercing crime suspense television movies as "Der Alte, Der Kommissar and Derrick."  

Prior to disembarking. Looking forward to our stroll on the Funchal promenade. 

As our journey approached its inevitable conclusion, certain traditions required to be observed that all of us know just too well from the German television series "Das Traumschiff" (The Dream Boat).

Next to the festive maritime good-bye celebration, we also like our esteemed readers to take note of a wonderful, friendly couple: Reinhold of Duesseldorf and Evelyn of Leipzig. On the remote right, please also recognize a lovely lady from Dresden known around the entire ship and affectionately called "Tante Droll." Readers of Karl May will immediately recognize this term and by the way, her spontaneous laugh was disarming and infectious.  

Our dining table with Heide's special rose in front.

​However, there is even more evidence of Madeira's desire to play a big hand in European politics. 

​Everywhere evidence of Portugal's Royal past.

As we were in 2018.

​The assistant purser above, currently obviously engaged in serious contemplation of an administrative matter, is overshadowed by the most extensive painting on board. 

This photograph, to inquiring minds, requires no further explanations. Let it suffice to say: Where there is light, by necessity, there will also be shadow.

​...while those of the Church are in their substance powerful and divine.

While we enjoyed the "Ed Sullivan" type of entertainment featured above, MS "Deutschland" was already en route to Vigo, Galicia, Spain. Site of Santiago de Compostela. 

The authors of this website are by no means strangers to Holy Sites of pilgrimage.

As devout Catholics, we have always felt compelled to visit them, while enjoying their holy ambience and enlightening experiences, while we were there. We are also proud to state them by name to our honored readers, personal friends and acquaintances all over the world. 

Cologne Cathedral - Three Holy Kings, who visited the Christ child in the manger,

Vatican (4), Lourdes (7), Jerusalem, Altoetting - Church of Our Lady, Czestochowa - The Black Madonna of Poland, Oberammergau, Montserrat near Barcelona, Basilica of Our Lady at Holy Hill - Wisconsin, St. Peter and St. Paul Island - St. Petersburg, Russia,

Shrine of Kateri Tekakwitha at Khanawake, Quebec, Canada,

Basilica of St. Anne, Quebec, Canada.

While MS "Deutschland" docked in Vigo Harbor, we shall not forget and for that reason share with our esteemed readers the very fact that Spain is the One and Only Catholic Kingdom on the globe and the Spanish Monarch our Principal Protector of Faith. Under his authority, the Chiefs of the Ducal/Princely House Gulgowski-Doliwa have been awarded

La Imperial Orden Hispanica de Carlos V.  

​Heide: "They were really cool!"

Crowns are much more than those who are entitled to wear them.
They are a symbol for the entirety of a cultural whole and the idea
of enlightened statesmanship.​

Paul relaxing in the elegant Lido lounge, enjoying the company of another great thinker, Goethe.

(A sculpture like his may be found for many other great German minds throughout the ship, for instance Schiller, Fontane, Schubert, Beethoven, Klopstock, Kant, etc., etc.)

​Funchal at night.

Ijmuiden, The Netherlands

Amazing, the Dutch continuously expand their harbor facilities. 

​Next port of call: Dover with its world renowned extensive chain of white cliffs.

On the upper left, we noticed the massive fortified castle, from which the British Admiralty organized the small-boat flotilla evacuation of their Expeditionary Army from Dunkirk, early on during World War II.

They were absolutely marvelous, cordial, attentive, accommodating beyond imagination and most of all sincerely friendly and comforting, especially when one was plagued by a minor injury or situational physical illness. They are a major reason why we will sail with Phoenix again soon.

By the way, Mr. Lucky had served us already in a most excellent manner during our Western Mediterranean cruise in 2018, as Dining Room Supervisor on MS "Artania."

Because of the inclement weather, we chose not to participate in the tour of this surely wonderful city. Instead, we comforted ourselves on board, enjoying the many amenities of

MS "Deutschland." Next on the agenda: Lisbon.

Arriving in Lisbon, one of our most favorite cities in the world, we enjoyed the ambience of Portugal's capital city. We have been there now five times before and for that reason spent our time on the city's coastal avenue with all its attractions.

​Continuing with artwork, let's focus on smaller paintings, like the ones in our cabin.

MS "Queen Victoria" was in town as well.

As in the Military, so on board of an ocean liner: 

The Chain of Command (Concern) attends to our security, comfort and health. 

The Captain, his Hotel Director (not completely visible) and their ladies

attending the evening dinner meal, which has an assuring quality to the passengers. 

​Heide's Insignia

​Paul's Insignia

Next: A few representations of historical personages: Left to right:

Mary Queen of Saxony, German Emperor Wilhelm II, Friedrich August King of Saxony. 

Dream Journey to the Atlantic Islands,

Celebrating our 33rd Wedding Anniversary, Being Together for 37 Years,

Enjoying Love, Happiness, Satisfaction and Success at all Levels of Life.

Vigo, a very hard working port on Spain's western coast.

Normally, MS "Deutschland" carries 550 passengers.

However, because of Covid restrictions on this journey, she was host

​to only 299 guests. This meant that there was more space than one could utilize.

Finally, after 36 years of hoping and waiting, we succeeded to realize our dream of returning to Madeira, an island, as it is reported, on that love and happiness will never find an end.


After a visit such as the one to Santiago de Compostela, one cannot help but feel reflective, even somewhat mournful that such an experience had, by the necessity of life, come to an end, yet never ever will be forgotten. 

 A little bit of an emotional uplift was accorded to us by the outstanding theatrical/musical entertainment company of MS "Deutschland." And so, 

​we found the performance of the "Blues Brothers" rather amusing.

​​Next destination: Guernsey, U.K.

​Weather wise, not nice enough to disembark.

Instead of exploring Terceira, we elected to remain on board, getting ready for a night at the "Kaisersaal."

​Azores next!

​Last port of call on this voyage: Bremerhaven, Germany,

​where wonderful and adventurous friends were waiting for us.

 This ocean voyage may be seen as an extension to our MS "Deutschland" 

Norway and Denmark trip in 2018.

A day later, we arrived at the Azores. 

​The Azores consist of nine individual islands, of which we visited three:

​Sao Miguel, Fajal and Terceira.

Generally speaking, the Azores are of enchanting beauty, gentle and heavenly, never pretentious or shrieking loudly with a passing, only temporary attractiveness.

Still, they have an unassuming character of the natural heartwarming decor in common,

1) San Miguel 

​And everywhere visible proof of EU money allocations at work.

Author: Prof. Dr. Paul W. Prince Gulgowski-Doliwa,

Principal Photographer and Editor: Grand Dame Heide A.M. Princess Gulgowski-Doliwa,

​The Duke and Duchess of Lower Silesia (Glogau)

​2) Fajal

Naturally, en route to a destination nearly in the middle of the Atlantic, one must expect 

​rough waters; however, there are folks who enjoy that type of thing.

By any stretch of the imagination, MS "Deutschland" may be convincingly characterized as a floating fine-arts pinakothek. Its interior is lavishly decorated with a delightful array of paintings, sketches, sculptures and statues of all sizes. This display spoils us with an ambience of elegance, charm, delight, sophistication, appreciation as well as education.

​The governmental edifices of state and academia in Santiago de Compostela are bold and beautiful, ...

​3) Terceira

Although, in the distance appearing challenging, inviting and mystical,

​we decided not to disembark on this particular island.

​A couple of libations later, we entered the harbor of Porto, Portugal.

​After three days and nights on the high seas, we finally reached our first destination:

​Heraldic Art